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# Liebster Blog Award
2012/11/06 22:45 ♥ 2 SARANG(s)

What is Liebster Blog Award ?

The Liebster Blog Award is given up to and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Liebster is a German word which means 'favourite', so that makes 'favourite blog award'.
The rule is answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who gave you this award.
In order to accept this prestigious award, one must abide the list of rules which are:

▷ Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
▷ Answer the 11 questions that the blogger has set for you.
▷ And create 11 questions by your own for the 11 people you will nominate on this award.
▷ Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
▷ Go to their page and inform them that you nominated them.
▶ Absolutely NO tags back.
▶ Remember to only tag bloggers who has less than 200 followers.


▼ 11 questions asked by Bii Babey ;
1. Boy or girl?
2. Hope to become a boy or a girl?
3. Single or in a relationship?
4. What is the condition to become your another half?
、Kind , friendly , no smoke & excessive drinking n more..
5. Favourite activity?
、Sleeping ? XD
6. Favourite books?
7. Favourite fruits?
8. What is your horoscope?
9. Love to make friends?
10. Can play any music instrument?
11. Long hair? Short hair?
、Long hair


▼ 11 questions asked by xiaWer ;
1. How old are you?
、16 years old
2. Where do you live?
、Earth XD
3. What would you do if you have 1 Million ringgit?
、This is dreaming?
4. Will you bravely confess?
、I will
5. Do you have any relationship?
6. What do you think about friendships and relationships?
、No comments -.-
7. What things that make you regret the most?
、Quarrel with friends
8. How long u had blogged?
、2 years
9. Describe yourself.
、Talkative , cheerful and lively
10. Who is your favourite artist?
11. Do you watch Hong Kong movie?


▼ 11 questions asked by Yi Qing ;
1. What your name in real?
、Tan Ei Ling
2. Do you Like KPOP?
3. What KPOP idol star you Like?
4. Do you like Bigbang or Beast?
、Both also unlike
5. What is your purpose when you open blogger?
、To share my diary
6. How many time do you hurt people before?
、Has never been calculated
7. Do you like your blog?
8. What song do you listen right now?
、Never Change
9. What are you doing right now?
、Writing this post
10. Feel this question boring?
、A bit
11. Like my question?
、A bit


11 things about me ;
1. My name is Elaine Tan.
2. Born on February 11,1996.
3. Living in Klang, Selangor.
4. An aquarius girl.
5. I like to design and writing.
6. Like shopping but dislike to spend money.
7. No.11 is my lucky number.
8. Pursuit of fashion.
9. A fanciful person.
10.My life can't without family & friendship.
11.Hope can has a trip to Korea & Taiwan.

My question for the nominated bloggers ;
1. Favorite color?
2. Been in love?
3. Will be afraid of the end of the world?
4. What is the most funny thing in your life?
5. Most want to try to do something?
6. The most annoying thing?
7. Choose one : Facebook or Blogger?
8. In your life, family, friendship and love , which is more important?
9. List your strengths and weaknesses.
10. Do you like my blog?
11. Think that i'm a what kind of person?

I already pass this award to ;

1. Fanshu
3. 棋棋
4. Cindy
5. LeeNak
6. Vaniss
9. Puiwun
11. Vivien

To all dearest ; Sorry for not sure that the followers of your blog got over 200 anot.


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